Maryland Traffic Attorney Explains The Maryland Driver Improvement Program

Maryland Driver Improvement Program

Have you been referred to a Driver Improvement Program but aren’t sure why? There are many reasons why you may end up in this situation and it’s nothing to stress out about.

Why you have to take the program

If you’ve received 5 to 7 points on your driving record, obtained a conviction or “PBJ” for a moving violation while holding a provisional driver’s license, or have been referred by a District Court Judge or Administrative Law Judge, you may have to take part in this program.

You will receive a letter in four to six weeks after your hearing if you have been referred to this program by a judge.

Where to find the programs

If you are over 18 years, you may take the program online or in a classroom. If you are under 18, you must take the program in the classroom.

Look over the list of providers for fees and program information.

Don’t sweat it! This program is only four to eight hours. When you’ve successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate. The fee for the program depends on each individual program provider.

If you’ve been referred to a driver improvement program and need help, call me at 301-563-9575 or 1-877-566-2408.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic ticket lawyer who handles Maryland traffic ticket throughout the entire State.