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Maryland Traffic Lawyer Explains Who Is Exempt From Licensing Requirements

Not all drivers in Maryland are required to hold a Maryland driver’s license. There are several instances in which drivers in Maryland do not have to hold a driver’s license.

According to Maryland traffic law, drivers exempt from state licensing requirements include:

  • United States officials or employees using a business vehicle
  • Members of the United States Congress who reside in Maryland during their terms in office
  • Persons  temporarily driving  road machines, farm tractors, or farm equipment on a highway
  • Students from another state enrolled in an accredited school, college, or university in Maryland (must have valid license from home state)
  • New Maryland residents during first 60 days of residency (must have valid license from home state)
  • Members of the armed forces of the United States or the United States Public Health Service who are on active duty
  • Members of the armed forces returning from active duty abroad (has 30 days to obtain license)
  • Nonresidents of Maryland who have valid licenses issued by their home state or country.
  • Members of the Maryland National Guard or National Guard military technicians
  • Members or employees of a fire department, rescue squad, emergency medical services unit, or volunteer fire company while driving an emergency vehicle


While persons mentioned above may not have a Maryland driver’s license, most of these exemptions require the person to have a valid license of some sort. There are many situations in which drivers in Maryland are wrongfully charged or accused of driving without a license even though they are exempt.

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