Maryland DUI Lawyer Reveals Reasons for Being Pulled Over in Maryland

What Causes Police To Pull Cars Over For DUI?

The fact is that in Maryland, like everywhere else in the United States, police officers have quite a bit of discretion in pulling over vehicles. The fact that so many laws exist about operating vehicles means that it can be easy for officers to find justification for pulling a suspicious driver over.

However, there are things drivers can try to ensure that they do not give police officers any glaring reason to pull them over and  potentially charge them with drunk driving.

Common reasons for pulling over cars in Maryland

The most common reason a police officer pulls over a driver is because that driver committed a traffic violation. Things such as driving through a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, driving with your headlights off at night or in the rain, speeding, or failing to use turn signals can all be used as a valid reason for cops to pull drivers over and check for signs of intoxication.

Other reasons for being pulled over in Maryland

Police officers can also pull drivers over even if they have not broken a Maryland traffic law. If a driver has behaved erratically, that can be reason enough for an officer to initiate a traffic stop and investigate the situation further. That means if you weave in and out of a lane, drive too slow for the conditions, hesitate at green lights or appear to be generally driving too cautiously, the officer can decide to pull you over and try to gauge whether you are intoxicated.

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