Will I Go To Jail For Driving Drunk In Maryland?

Will I Go To Jail For Driving Drunk In Maryland?

When someone is pulled over in Maryland one of their immediate questions, understandably, is whether or not they face the jail time. Many people worry about being sent to jail as a result of driving drunk and want to know what the chances are of such a harsh punishment.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult if not impossible to know the answer without knowing the specific facts of your case. Maryland law is clear that jail is a real possibility for those who are convicted of either DWI or DUI. Even first time offenders face possible jail sentences under Maryland’s drunk driving laws.

Those who have been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), face a maximum one-year jail term, even for a first-time offense. A conviction for driving while impaired (DWI) is less severe, and only permits a maximum jail term of 60 days.

The fact is jail is rare for first-time drunk driving offenders in Maryland. That being said, aggravating factors, such as injuries to others, the presence of minors in your vehicle, the level of your intoxication, can all influence a judge’s decision to impose incarceration.

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