Maryland Speeding Ticket Lawyer Reveals Truth About Traffic Tickets

How Far Over The Speed Limit Will Result In A Maryland Traffic Ticket?

A recent investigation by a Maryland news station turned up some interesting facts about speeding tickets issued in the state. While most people believe that speeding is typically ignored if it 10 miles per her hour above the posted limit or less, the reality is that tens of thousands of people receive tickets at such speeds every year.

According to statistics kept by the Maryland District Court, police in 2013 handed out over 57,000 tickets to drivers that were moving less than 10 miles per hour faster than the posted speed limit. As a percentage, this represent 25 percent of all tickets written last year.

Police gave out 93,000 tickets to drivers going between 10 and 19 miles per hour above the limit, representing the largest share of speeding tickets issued in Maryland. Drivers going between 20 and 29 mph over the limit received 56,000 tickets while those going between 30 and 39 mph over the posted limit received 7,700 tickets. Finally, the smallest share of tickets were written to those going over 40 miles per hour above the posted limits, only 1,800 such tickets were written last year.

Though drivers may think that 10 miles per hour above the limit is the cut off, the reality is that any speeding at all is illegal and can result in a ticket. An official with the Maryland State Police clarified that officers care about ensuring safe operation on the highways and will write a ticket if a person is going even one mile per hour over the limit.

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