Learn How A Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer Can Help You

Missing a court date and receiving a Maryland “bench warrant” is something that no one wants.  However, from time to time, it certainly does happen.

I have handled hundreds of cases where my client has missed a Maryland traffic case and a bench was issued.  A bench warrant is a fancy name for saying that the judge in court issued a warrant “from the bench” because the Defendant missed his or her court date.  A judge can only issue a warrant for a “must appear” case.  Therefore, if you miss a criminal or traffic offense that does not carry jail time, a judge will typically not be able to issue a bench warrant in Maryland.

If you missed a Maryland traffic case and bench warrant was issued, I can help.  We will go over your background, case, and the circumstances surrounding why the date was missed.

Once all of the information is gathered, I will draft a motion and attempt to persuade the judge to “recall” the bench warrant.  This means that we are asking the judge to quash or remove the warrant and schedule a court date.

While it is possible for you to draft your own motion and letter to the judge, you will typically have a better chance of getting the result you want if you retain an experienced Maryland traffic lawyer.

Need help with Maryland bench warrant?  I can help.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic lawyer who has handled hundreds (if not thousands) of bench warrants.  I  can be reached at 301-563-9575 and would be happy to speak to you.