Will Out Of State Tickets Raise My Insurance Premiums?

Maryland is a member of the “DLC” or driver license compact. What does that mean for you? Basically, it requires other states to report tickets that you have received in their state. For example, if you are travelling in California and received a speeding ticket (and were convicted), California would tell the Maryland MVA about that ticket. The Maryland MVA would record that ticket on your Maryland driving record. The Maryland MVA WILL NOT assess points for that ticket. In Maryland, the MVA will only assess points for tickets that were received in Maryland. Sounds like you’re in the clear, right? Maybe not.

Although you won’t receive points, your insurance company will be able to see these tickets. Will your premiums go up? It really depends on your insurance company’s “rating system.” Many people mistakenly believe that their insurance premiums won’t go up because they didn’t receive points. Not true! Insurance companies review “activity,” not points. It is very possible that premiums could be raised.

Therefore, before you go to court or pay a traffic ticket, consider calling your insurance company and an experienced Maryland traffic attorney. Even if you decide to represent yourself, a simple consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer can save you lots of headaches.

If you’re facing a traffic charge, call me. I promise I won’t bite. I’m an experienced Maryland traffic violation lawyer. Ethically, I cannot say I’m a traffic “specialist,” but I have handled thousands of cases ranging from speeding tickets, DUIs, suspsended license cases, and everything in between.