Maryland Accident Claim: The Boulevard Rule

What is the Boulevard Rule?

Maryland’s Boulevard Rule applies to all “through highways” and major roadways where intersections are controlled by stop and yield signs. Vehicles wanting to turn onto these roads must give right-of-way to those vehicles already on the road. You may need to contact a Maryland accident attorney to determine if the boulevard rule applies in your case.

So what does the Boulevard Rule mean for my Maryland Car Accident?

The Boulevard Rule not only helps control traffic but also helps determine fault in a Maryland auto accident. The vehicle with the right-of-way is considered the favored vehicle. Any vehicle wanting to enter the roadway is unfavored. If that unfavored vehicle fails to yield to right-of-way traffic then it has violated Maryland’s Boulevard Rule. If an accident occurs, rest assured fault will lie with the unfavored vehicle. Unless…

Unless what? Are there limits to applying Maryland’s Boulevard Rule in Auto Accident Cases?

Unless reasonable care is practiced by the favored vehicle, the Boulevard Rule is hard to apply. This falls under Contributory Negligence. If the favored vehicle is speeding, that makes it difficult to prove the unfavored vehicle violated the Boulevard Rule. In that case, fault may be found with the favored vehicle.

Recently in Baltimore, there was this case: the defendant pulled out of a side-street to turn onto a major roadway and sat behind a row of parked cars to watch for a gap in traffic. An accident with a motorcycle occurred. The jury decided he was not negligent of the Boulevard Rule and on appeal this ruling was upheld 4-3. So it can be tricky to assign fault based on the Boulevard Rule.

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