4 Reasons To Hire A Maryland Traffic Lawyer For Your Tickets

Should I Hire A Maryland Lawyer For My Speeding Ticket?

Let’s face it, times are tough and money is tight.  You may be wondering if its even worth the money to hire a lawyer for a speeding ticket in Maryland.  Here are 4 reasons you should consider.

1.  You Don’t Have To Show Up:  In Maryland, an attorney can appear on your behalf and handle your speeding ticket (or other non jailable traffic ticket) without your presence.  Can’t get off of work?  Don’t want to be bothered? Let the lawyer do it for you.

2.  The Extra Edge:  In cases where your speed is high and your record is kind of “iffy,” a Maryland traffic lawyer can give you that “extra edge.”  A judge may perceive you differently or give you the benefit of the doubt because taking the time, effort (and money) to hire an attorney sends a message that you are really serious about this ticket.

3. The Law:  A Maryland traffic attorney knows how to try the case, get the case dismissed if there are any technical defenses, knows what to say to the police officer, the judge, etc…In other words, a Maryland traffic attorney is a professional who can add a lot of value to your situation.

4.  Cost Effective:  Most Maryland traffic violation lawyers don’t charge high legal fees for simple traffic tickets, but your insurance company does!  Its definetly worth hiring an attorney and giving yourself a better chance to keep your record clean.  In the long run, those insurance premiums will cost more than your legal fee.

There you have it!  Need help with a Maryland traffic case?  Call me, I’d be happy to assist you.