The Truth About Speeding in Maryland

In a Maryland speeding case, the actual speed is not central issue.  Let me explain…

Clients will often tell me that they probably were exceeding the speed limit, but they were not going “that fast.”  Typically, a Maryland police officer will state on the ticket exactly how fast the client was going (Let’s say “55 mph in 30 mph zone”).  Many people are adamant that when they were pulled over the odometer read 41 mph or 50 mph (not 55!).  I often see people in Maryland traffic court making this argument before a judge.  Many of these judges listen politely, but don’t seem to care.

The truth is that the police officer DOES NOT have to prove that you were travelling at a particular speed.  The only thing that must be proven is that you were exceeding the speed limit.  Of course, the actual speed does make a difference with regards to the amount of points that are imposed, but the speed itself does not make a difference in whether the judge finds you guilty of speeding in Maryland.

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