3 Reasons To Appeal Your Maryland Traffic Case

In Maryland, if you are unhappy with result of your traffic ticket case, you have a right to appeal the case within 30 days of the disposition.  Here’s three great reasons why you might want to consider appealing the case.

1. The Judge Treated You Unfairly:  Your traffic record was perfect, you were only going 9 miles over the speed limit, but the judge still gave you points!  Perhaps the Maryland traffic judge gave you a very high fine, didn’t consider any of the evidence you presented or just didn’t give you a fair shake.  These are all valid reasons to appeal your Maryland traffic case.  Maybe the judge was having a bad day or maybe that judge just doesn’t like speeders.  Whatever the reason, if you’ve been treated unfairly, an appeal could fix the problem.

2.  You Didn’t Have An Attorney: You thought you would be just fine handling the case yourself, but it didn’t work out so well.  Now, you want a another bite of the apple, but you’re not taking any chances this time.  Hire a  Maryland traffic attorney to handle the appeal for you.  An experienced Maryland traffic lawyer may be able to give you that extra edge to help keep your record clean.

3. You Have Important Information That You Didn’t Present:  You didn’t know that it was important to tell the judge about your job, your traffic history, the fact that you have a Maryland CDL license, etc…An appeal will allow you to be more prepared, get all of your documents together, and explain to another judge that the first judge just didn’t know any of this stuff.

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