Driving Without Insurance In Maryland, Part 2

What if I don’t have the car anymore?

If you’ve been charged in Maryland with driving an uninsured vehicle, chances are your court date could be several months after you were pulled over.  Obviously, if you don’t own a car anymore, you can’t insure something that you don’t have.  In most cases, if you are driving a vehicle in Maryland without insurance, the State is satisfied if you fix the problem and get insurance.

If you no longer drive or own a vehicle, its best to get proof that the vehicle was sold or the tags were turned in.  You can get some of that information at the Maryland MVA.  That way, you (preferably your Maryland traffic attorney) can show the State proof that you no longer have the vehilce.  Don’t expect the prosecutor to just take your word for it.  They usually won’t.

Of course, obtaining insurance or showing that you no longer have the vehicle is not an automatic dismissal of the case.  The State of Maryland just has to prove that at the time of the stop, you knowingly drove the car uninsured.  Therefore, its best to get advice and retain an experienced Maryland traffic ticket lawyer for your case.

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