The Maryland MVA Point System

The State of Maryland has a points system in place for traffic violations. Traffic infractions are assigned a number from one (less serious) to 12 (most serious). 

Here  is what happens as you accumulate points in Maryland:

 After between three and five points have been amassed in two years or less you may receive a caution letter from the MVA just calling your attention to your number of points. This is not meant as punishment, just a kind of warning letter before you start racking up more significant points.

 Once you’ve accumulated five to seven points within two years, the state will make you sign up for a Points System Conference and/or participate in a Driver Improvement program.

 After you’ve received eight to 11 points in two years, the MVA will suspend your license. Finally, for 12 or more points within two years the MVA will revoke your license, ending your driving privileges.

 Most moving infractions that do not cause an accident are assessed at one point. The more severe the incident, the higher the point value. A good overview of some violations and their corresponding point values is included below:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – 12
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs – 12
  • Unlawful use of your driver’s license – 12
  • Loaning or borrowing a driver’s license – 12
  • Clicking off your lights to evade identification – 8
  • Reckless driving – 6
  • Speed contests – 5
  • Driving alone with a permit – 5
  • Driving without proof of insurance – 5
  • Driving without a license – 5
  • Driving with a suspended license – 3
  • Failure to stop at a red light – 2
  • Failure to stop for a school bus – 2
  • Improper turn – 1
  • Failure to yield – 1
  • Speeding (9 miles per hour (mph) or less) – 1
  • Speeding (10 mph and over) – 2
  • Speeding (20 mph or greater over the 65 mph speed limit) – 5
  • Speeding (30 mph and over) – 5

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