Can A Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer Help Me Get A Restricted License?

Maryland Restricted License

In certain rare circumstances a suspended Maryland license does not mean you will not be able to drive.  If you are able to demonstrate need, the state may impose a restriction that allows you to drive under certain limited circumstances.

The following are some examples of restrictions which can be imposed:

  • Work or education restriction

If this applies, then you may be limited to driving only to and from work or school or during the course of your employment. In some instances, your employer may be asked to verify your employment in writing.  A work restricted license in Maryland may be issued at a Maryland MVA hearing if  you accumulated too many points or have an alcohol-related offense.

  • Medical restriction

In this case you may be required to use special equipment when driving, or your driving times and/or driving area may be limited.  Examples of such restrictions include: requiring use of corrective lenses, requiring use of automatic transmission, permitting only daylight driving or preventing driving on expressways, beltways, or interstate highways.

  • Alcohol/drug restriction

In this case drivers are prohibited from driving after consuming alcohol, or any other mood altering substance, in any amount.

Some Maryland drivers may be required to install and maintain an Alcohol Breath-Analyzed Ignition Interlock Device in their vehicle. You must breathe into this device every time you start your vehicle so that it can test for the presence of alcohol in your system.

Once you have been issued a restricted license by the state, you will receive a letter that explains the type of restriction and how you can obtain a new, restricted driver’s license. All those with restrictions must report to a branch of the MVA to receive a new license containing a red restriction in the lower right-hand corner.

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