Should I Sign My Maryland Traffic Ticket?

Should I Sign My Traffic Ticket in Maryland?

The answer to this question is an easy one: unequivocally yes. Signing your Maryland ticket merely indicates that you’ve properly received it. The Maryland State Police clearly say on their website that a person’s signature “simply shows that you have received the ticket; it is not an admission of guilt.”

It’s a commonly held myth that signing the ticket in some way lessens your ability to fight it later on. That’s absolutely not true as no rights are waived by signing the ticket. Others incorrectly believe that by not signing they can somehow claim they never received the ticket and have the issue dismissed.  This is also not true and refusing to sign is not a wise decision. In Maryland, if you refuse to sign the back of the ticket you are subject to arrest and the officer can take you directly to jail.

 The best course of action once a citation has been issued is to sign it, and if you truly think you are not deserving of the Maryland traffic ticket, going to court and presenting your case.

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