How Can A Suspended License Lawyer in Maryland Help Me?

Types of License Suspensions

There are two basic varieties of license suspensions you can receive in Maryland.

1.    Points Suspension

 If you collect between eight and 11 non alcohol or drug-related points on your license a points suspension will occur. Though this is seen as the less severe of the two types of suspensions, there’s not much difference. A license suspension even due to points means that you cannot drive.

If you receiving a letter from the state notifying you that a suspension has occurred, you can do one of two things:

  • Return your license via mail or in person to any Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office. The circumstances of the suspension determine how long the suspension could last, typically anywhere between three months and one year.
  • If you want to contest the action, you have 15 days to appeal and request a hearing. The letter you receive will contain instructions on how to go about that. Once your application is received, the Office of Administrative Hearings will get in touch and let you know when and where to go. Until your hearing takes place you are still deemed to have a suspended license and not permitted to drive a vehicle.

 2.    Standard Suspension

 This Maryland license suspension is similar to a points suspension but the difference is that this suspension involves infractions related to drugs or alcohol. It is also possible to receive a standard suspension by not paying a traffic fine, or by falsifying information on your driver license application.

The same two options exist in the event of a standard suspension. Either return your license to a MVA office or contest the decision at a hearing. One additional option is to a request an ignition interlock device be installed in your car, potentially allowing you to drive.

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