6 Steps You Must Take After A Maryland Car Accident

1. If you were injured or feel pain, seek medical attention. This may seem like a no brainer, but many people don’t want to be bothered.

2. Call the police. See my other post on “Should I Call the Police After My Car Accident?” The police can help you get medical attention, collect the proper information from the other driver(s), and will otherwise help your handle your Maryland car accident.

3. Get the other driver’s information. This includes more than just their name and phone number. Take down their tag number, license number and policy number for their insurance. If the other driver refuses to give up any of this information, make a note that you asked and that they refused. If nothing else, get that tag number. If they drive off before the police arrive, at least you’ll have it and the police can find them later.

4. Get witness contact information. Accidents are shocking and stressful but don’t let witnesses get away. If you don’t feel up to taking statements, leave it to your lawyer but get their names and phone numbers. Witnesses make it easier to prove your version of events when physical evidence is all that agrees with you. The courts love a second opinion and a good witness can push the insurance company into settling much sooner.

5. Do not say a word about the accident at the scene. Make no mention of what you or your passengers, if any, were doing just before the accident. Such statements can be detrimental to your potential claim.

6. Start building your case. Along with collecting witness information, write down your impressions of the scene. If you overhear the other driver talking about the accident, write it down. Photograph the scene, if possible. Cell phones are a blessing today. You have a camera with you all the time, which makes documenting your accident scene that much easier.

I know what you’re thinking, “I was just in a car accident. I’ve got enough to worry about.” I understand how difficult collecting evidence right at the scene can be. However, this information is vital and could be lost forever if you don’t act quickly. Try to remain calm.

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