What If I Get A Traffic Ticket After My Maryland Car Accident?

Getting a ticket after your Maryland auto accident doesn’t mean you are at fault. It only means that the responding officer believes you have committed a Maryland traffic violation. If you plan to make a personal injury claim, be sure to discuss the traffic ticket with your Maryland personal injury lawyer. Should I pay my […]

What If I’m Injured in a Maryland “Hit and Run” Accident?

Any driver who flees the scene is considered an uninsured motorist by Maryland law. Seeking damages is then the same for any UIM (uninsured motorist claim). Your Maryland Personal Injury Attorney will issue a claim against your own insurance company. See my post on UIM Claim cases. What steps should I take filing Maryland Personal […]

When Should I Get Medical Treatment For My Maryland Car Accident?

Believe it or not, people ask me this. The answer is right away. If you are injured or feel any pain and were involved in a car accident, go seek medical attention immediately. Even a minor neck or back injury can develop into a worse condition down the road. If you settle your Maryland accident […]

How Long Do I Have To File My Maryland Personal Injury Case?

In Maryland, you have from the date of the accident to file suit. This is called the “Statute of Limitations.” That being said, don’t delay. Filing your Maryland car accident suit can take time. If you don’t file a lawsuit in your Maryland accident case promptly, the clock could run out and you will be […]

Should I Speak To My Own Insurance Company After A Maryland Car Accident?

Yes. In fact, as a policy holder you are contractually obligated to report your accident as soon as possible. The time limit should be spelled out in your policy and hesitating could lead to a denial of benefits. Treat the insurance company as an ally but be careful. Before making any recorded statement, especially if […]

6 Steps You Must Take After A Maryland Car Accident

1. If you were injured or feel pain, seek medical attention. This may seem like a no brainer, but many people don’t want to be bothered. 2. Call the police. See my other post on “Should I Call the Police After My Car Accident?” The police can help you get medical attention, collect the proper […]

Maryland Accident Claim: The Boulevard Rule

What is the Boulevard Rule? Maryland’s Boulevard Rule applies to all “through highways” and major roadways where intersections are controlled by stop and yield signs. Vehicles wanting to turn onto these roads must give right-of-way to those vehicles already on the road. You may need to contact a Maryland accident attorney to determine if the […]

Maryland Accident Attorney: Property Damage Claims

Maryland Property Damage Claim: How will my damaged car be valued? If you’ve been involved in a Maryland car accident and your car is totaled, you are entitled to the fair market value of that vehicle. Your car will likely be valued either through the Kelley Blue Book or the NADA Official Used Car Guide. […]

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims in Maryland

Uninsured Motorist Claims in Maryland: What are they and what you should do. It’s a scary thought but something all of us should keep in mind. An estimated 12% of Maryland drivers and 15% of DC drivers are either underinsured or have no vehicle insurance at all. What do you do if you are hit […]

Is Speeding Contributory Negligence in Maryland?

Is speeding Contributory Negligence? Speeding is one example of contributory negligence. Let’s say the other driver loses control of his car. You, the claimant, are going 25 mph over the posted limit and can’t brake in time. Traveling at that speed contributed to the crash and injury. If you’d been going slower, the accident might […]