Case Results

Please note: Each case is different. What I am able to achieve in someone else’s case does not mean that I’ll be able to get that result for you. Nothing on this entire website is meant to promise you anything in terms of what we can achieve for you. This is just a sample of some recent cases that I have handled.

Maryland DUI Attorney

  • Client charged with his second DUI in 2 years.
    Result: Charges dropped: State could not prove that client was “driving”
  • Client charged with DUI
    Result: Case reduced to reckless driving charge
  • Client (who was under 21) charged with DUI
    Result: DUI charges dropped, client received fine for a minor traffic violation

Maryland Traffic Lawyer

  • Client charged with speeding (126mph), reckless driving, and negligent driving.
    Result: Not guilty on all charges after trial
  • Client facing 1 year suspension of CDL license at MVA Hearing
    Result: No Action Taken By MVA
  • Client charged with speeding (over 100 mph), speed contest, and reckless driving
    Result: Client received a PBJ (no points assessed on client’s driving record)
  • Client charged with hit and run, driving without a license, driving uninsured vehicle
    Result: Client received a small fine for amended, non serious traffic violation

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Client Charged with Possession of Intent to distribute 10 lbs of marijuana
    Result: Client received unsupervised PBJ (probation before judgment)
  • Client Charged with Credit Card Fraud and Theft
    Result: Charges dropped in exchange for restitution
  • Client Charged With Second Degree Assault
    Result: Charges Dropped in exchange for anger management program

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

  • Client initially offered $600 to settle accident case
    Result: Case settled for $6,000.00
  • Client offered $0 and insurance company denies liability for accident case
    Result: After trial, client was awarded $21,000.00
  • Client offered $3,000 to settle minor accident case
    Result: Case settled for $15,000 after lawsuit was filed