Should I Speak To My Own Insurance Company After A Maryland Car Accident?

Yes. In fact, as a policy holder you are contractually obligated to report your accident as soon as possible. The time limit should be spelled out in your policy and hesitating could lead to a denial of benefits. Treat the insurance company as an ally but be careful. Before making any recorded statement, especially if you have a Bodily Injury Claim, speak to an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer.

Do not, however, give a recorded statement to the other driver’s company without consulting a Maryland accident lawyer attorney. See my post on “Should I Talk to the Insurance Adjuster?”
Nor should you give a statement to the other driver at the scene. In fact, don’t discuss the accident at all with the other driver or anyone at the scene, except the police. See my post on the “6 Important Steps to Take Immediately After Your Car Accident.”

Should I talk to the police after my car my Maryland car accident?

Absolutely, even if the accident is minor. Calling the police can help your Maryland car accident case case immensely. The police may create an official report of the accident and give an opinion as to who is at fault. They will organize getting medical attention for all injured parties and get witness contacts. They will also be there to ensure you and the other driver exchange information.

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