Maryland Lawyer For Reckless Driving Ticket

What Is Reckless Driving In Maryland? Though many people think of reckless driving as a heightened speeding ticket, the reality is that reckless driving cannot exist when a driver is only speeding. Instead, facts will have to show that the driving was in disregard for the safety of other people or property. What is reckless […]

Traffic Lawyer in Maryland For Speeding Tickets

Does An Officer Have To Prove Your Exact Speed For You To Get A Ticket? It’s a common area of confusion for drivers in Maryland who receive traffic tickets. Does the officer need to prove your precise speed or simply show that you were speeding? For example, if you get pulled over and the officer […]

Learn How A Calvert County, Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

What Is A “Failure To Obey Properly Placed Traffic Control Device” Ticket In Maryland? Though many people think of traffic tickets as those relating to speeding, the sad fact is that drivers in Maryland can get pulled over for a variety of infractions. One common source of such tickets is for failing to obey a […]

Learn How A Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help With Weight Violations

In Maryland, all trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds are required to stop at weigh stations located on interstates around the state. The problem is that either due to bad traffic, tight deadlines or simple absentmindedness, sometimes truckers can blow pass a weigh station without stopping. So what can happen if you pass a scale […]

Learn How A Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer Can Help You

Missing a court date and receiving a Maryland “bench warrant” is something that no one wants.  However, from time to time, it certainly does happen. I have handled hundreds of cases where my client has missed a Maryland traffic case and a bench was issued.  A bench warrant is a fancy name for saying that […]

Maryland Traffic Violation Attorney For Truck Drivers

Failure To Obey A Traffic Control Device in Maryland A common ticket for truckers in Maryland involves failure to obey lane markings. This often refers to truckers who are cited for driving in the wrong lane. Traffic signals, signs and pavement markings apply to drivers of all vehicles, whether they are passenger cars or commercial […]