Learn How A Upper Marlboro, MD Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

What Happens During A Maryland Traffic Stop? Anyone who has been pulled over in a Maryland traffic stop knows how scary the process can be, even for those who have done nothing wrong. To better prepare yourself, read the following which explains some of your rights and obligations during a traffic stop. How should you […]

Learn How A Maryland DUI Lawyer Can Help You

Underage Drunk Driving Charges In Maryland In Maryland, and everywhere else in the United States, people must be 21 years of age or older to legally consume alcohol. To underline just how seriously law enforcement officials consider this stipulation, states like Maryland often pass harsh drunk driving laws that apply only to those drivers under […]

Maryland Drunk Driving Lawyer Explains Temporary Licenses

What Is A Maryland Temporary Driver’s License? If you are a driver in Maryland who has had your license taken away after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you were most likely issued a temporary driver’s license. What is a temporary driver’s license? In Maryland, a temporary driver’s license is a white piece of […]

Maryland Traffic Lawyer Explains Social Host Liability

Social Host Liability In Maryland Many people in Maryland might not realize that there are specific laws on the books dealing with an adult’s decision to allow minors to consume alcohol at home. These laws are known as Social Host Liability laws and Maryland has strict rules on the books to punish adults who are […]

Maryland DWI Lawyer Explains License Restrictions

Restricted Licenses In Maryland If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense in Maryland you are likely concerned with your ability to drive.  Driving is not only important for maintaining your freedom of movement, but it is often essential to being able to work and care for your children. Thankfully, in […]

Maryland DUI Lawyer Explains Repeat DUI Offenses

Penalties For Repeat Drunk Drivers In Maryland Anyone who reads the news has likely come across threatening statements from law enforcement officials promising increasingly punitive measures to combat repeat drunk drivers. Prosecutors and police officers throughout the state show almost no leniency to repeat offenders, something that can unfortunately result in individuals serving jail time for […]