Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains “Due Process”

What Is Due Process In Maryland? Anyone who has watched a few hours of television has likely run across a cop show where someone uses the phrase “due process” in the context of a criminal action. Though it’s a commonly used term, surprisingly few people understand exactly what it means. What does “due process” mean? […]

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Bail In Maryland

How Does Bail Work In Maryland?   What is bail? The bail system works by releasing a criminal defendant from jail in exchange for money that the court holds until the criminal proceedings are finished. The court uses the money as a kind of financial guarantee that the person will not flee the jurisdiction. If […]

How Can A Maryland Lawyer Help Me With A Bench Warrant and Failure To Appear?

I failed to Appear in Maryland, how can you help? If you’ve failed to appear in Maryland or received a Maryland bench warrant, a lawyer can be very helpful.  In Maryland, if you were charged with a “must appear” criminal or traffic offense and you missed your court date, a bench warrant will likely be […]

How To Expunge Your Maryland Traffic Record

Can I expunge my Maryland traffic record? If you are applying or currently work in a job that requires a clean Maryland driving record, it may be in your best interest to attempt to expunge some of those old Maryland traffic tickets. Of course, before you are able to expunge your Maryland traffic record, you […]

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Expunge Your Maryland Record

Expungement of your Maryland criminal record is a great thing, but only if you are eligible. Here are 6 reasons that will not make you eligible for a Maryland expungement. 1. A guilty finding was entered (except for certain nuisance crimes). 2. If you received a probation before judgment, a nolle prosequi, a stet, a […]

Maryland Convictions That You Can Expunge

Maryland expungement and criminal defense attorney David R. Waranch explains that certain crimes in Maryland can be expunged from you Maryland criminal record.

Failed to Appear in Maryland?? Here’s Why You Should Contact a Lawyer.

Let’s face it, stuff (or you know what) happens! If you’ve missed a Maryland court date and you were charged with a “serious” motor vehicle charge or criminal matter, a bench warrant will be issued by the judge. A bench warrant is a fancy way of saying that the judge issued a warrant for your […]

Maryland Theft Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with theft of any kind in Maryland, it is very important to consult with a Maryland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Whether its felony theft or shoplifting, a theft conviction in Maryland can be devastating to your future. Employers often do not want to hire an individual who has […]

Maryland Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing is critical stage of your Maryland criminal case. In a nutshell, the purpose of a preliminary hearing is to determine whether or not there is probable cause to proceed against you. In other words, is there enough evidence for the charges to even go forward? If you are charged with a felony […]

Will my Maryland probation be violated for a minor traffic offense?

In Maryland, one of the standard conditions of probation require that you incur no “serious” motor vehicle offenses. This is a fancy way of saying “don’t get convicted of any traffic offenses that carry jail time.” Therefore, a speeding ticket, seat belt violation, stop sign violation, etc. is not likely to violate a probation in […]