Maryland Speeding Ticket Lawyer Reveals Truth About Traffic Tickets

How Far Over The Speed Limit Will Result In A Maryland Traffic Ticket? A recent investigation by a Maryland news station turned up some interesting facts about speeding tickets issued in the state. While most people believe that speeding is typically ignored if it 10 miles per her hour above the posted limit or less, […]

Learn How A Frederick County, Maryland Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

Frederick County, Maryland Speeding Defense The speed limit laws in Maryland are what are known as “absolute” limits. Absolute limits are straightforward and exist when the posted limit is the highest maximum speed allowed by law. That means if the speed limit posted is 35 miles per hour and you are found going 36 miles […]

Learn How A Maryland Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

Is “Going With The Flow” A Valid Defense To A Maryland Traffic Ticket? When a driver in Maryland gets stopped for speeding it can be especially frustrating when you feel that you were picked out of a herd. After all, if you’re merely keeping up with the pace of traffic, why should one driver be […]

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains “Due Process”

What Is Due Process In Maryland? Anyone who has watched a few hours of television has likely run across a cop show where someone uses the phrase “due process” in the context of a criminal action. Though it’s a commonly used term, surprisingly few people understand exactly what it means. What does “due process” mean? […]

Learn How An Ellicott City, Maryland DUI Lawyer Can Help You

So what is BAC anyway? Most people have heard the term “BAC” bandied about, but not everyone understands exactly what that means. First of all, BAC stands for “Blood Alcohol Concentration.” BAC is a way of measuring how much alcohol exists in a person’s bloodstream. BAC determines not exactly how much alcohol a person has […]

Learn How A Prince George’s County DUI Lawyer Can Help You

What Happens To My Maryland License After Drunk Driving? For most people in Maryland one of their biggest worries after a DUI or DWI charge is how their ability to drive will be impacted. Cars are important to maintaining jobs, getting to and from school and caring for your children. Who makes the decision? The […]