Maryland Traffic Attorney Explains Cellphone Restrictions

Cellphone Restrictions in Maryland

In Maryland, all drivers are prohibited from using handheld cell phones while driving. The restriction is even more strict for those labeled “novice drivers.” The law says that all drivers under 18 are prohibited from using cellphones of any kind, whether handheld or hands-free, while behind the wheel.

Those drivers 18 and older do not have such restrictions. While handheld phone usage is not allowed, drivers are permitted to use a speakerphone, Bluetooth headsets, standard wire headsets and car kits. The loopholes in the talking and driving laws mean that most drivers can still place and receive calls when the need arises.

Though there are loopholes in the state’s talking and driving laws, no such loopholes exist regarding texting. All drivers in the state, whether they are minors or over 18, are prohibited from texting behind the wheel. The law specifically states that all drivers in Maryland are prohibited from writing, sending or reading a text message while operating a motor vehicle in the travel portion of a roadway. The only exceptions to texting laws apply when a driver is pulled over on the side of the road or when a driver is attempting to text message emergency responders.

The penalties for violating the cell phone laws in Maryland range from $40 to $100 dollars per incident. The talking laws are what are known as secondary offenses, meaning that an officer can only pull you over and issue you a traffic citation if he or she witnesses you violate another traffic law. The state’s texting law, on the other hand, is a primary offense, which means an officer can pull you over for violating the texting law alone.

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