Learn How A Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer Can Help

Let’s face it, stuff happens.  If you missed a court date for a Maryland traffic ticket and a warrant has been issued, don’t panic.  I can help.

Oftentimes, we are so busy that we simply forget about our Maryland court date.  Other times, our address was not updated with the court and we never received notice of the trial date.

A Maryland bench warrant does not have to be a catastrophic event.  There are many ways that I can advise you and help you to get your warrant quashed.  Whether it was for  a driving while suspended, a DUI or DWI, or a driving uninsured case, I can help.

In most cases, I can file a “Motion To Recall Warrant” on your behalf and request a judge to quash the warrant so you don’t have to turn yourself in.

Need help with a Maryland bench warrant or traffic ticket case?  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic attorney and happy to assist.

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