Learn How A Maryland Expungement Lawyer Can Help You

New Maryland Expungment Law Makes More Cases Eligible

On October 1, 2015, the Maryland Expungement laws drastically changed.  This has paved the way for many more people to be eligible to clear their Maryland criminal record and move on with their life.

I probably don’t have to tell you the value of keeping a clean Maryland criminal record.  I receive calls everyday from people who can’t obtain the job of their choice because of a negative background check.  For those of you in that situation, there is certainly some hope in this new law.

What Changed?

There are a few important technical changes.  I won’t go into all of the details because everyone’s situation is different.  However, I will give you one important example. Under the old expungment law, a conviction for marijuana was not able to removed off of a Maryland criminal record.  Since certain marijuana offenses are no longer criminal, many of these cases can now be removed.  Therefore, even if you have been previously convicted of a marijuana offense, you may be able to get it removed.

There are many other important changes that I would be happy to discuss with you.

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