Maryland Drunk Driving Lawyer Explains Temporary Licenses

What Is A Maryland Temporary Driver’s License?

If you are a driver in Maryland who has had your license taken away after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you were most likely issued a temporary driver’s license.

What is a temporary driver’s license?

In Maryland, a temporary driver’s license is a white piece of paper that allows holders to continue driving for 45 days, despite having their original license confiscated.

What happens after 45 days?

On day 46, your temporary license automatically is set to expire and will do so unless the MVA sends you a notice that specifically extends the license to allow a hearing, but only if the hearing was requested by you. It’s at this hearing that the MVA will decide whether you will be issued a restricted driver’s license that allows you to continue driving during your license suspension to places like work or school.

How to request a hearing

Administrative hearing requests with the MVA must be postmarked within 10 days of your arrest to ensure that you have no interruption in your driving privileges. If the hearing request is more than 10 days after the arrest, then it is possible your suspension will begin to run before the hearing occurs. Also, if the hearing request is postmarked more than 30 days after your arrest, it is unlikely that you will get a hearing at all.

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