Maryland Expungement Lawyer Explains Early Expungement

How Can I get My Maryland Criminal Record Expunged Now?

In Maryland, there are certain circumstances in which a person may be eligible for expungement, but not right away.  For example, if you received a Probation before Judgment or “PBJ,” (for a case other than a DUI/DWI) this is a good result.  This means you were not convicted of the offense.  However, you typically will not be able to expunge that offense for at least three years.  In fact, if you were placed on probation, you will not be able to expunge that offense until three years after your probation ends.

Many people cannot afford to wait three years to clear the offense from their Maryland criminal record.  However, there is hope to get an early expungement.

Maryland law allows you to petition a judge and request a “good cause expungement.”  When a client hires me for these, we typically file a motion to the Court and request a hearing.  On many occasions, if the motion is well written and provides ample reasons why the case should be expunged early, a judge will grant it.  Many times, a judge will grant these requests without the need for a court hearing.

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