What If I’m Injured in a Maryland “Hit and Run” Accident?

Any driver who flees the scene is considered an uninsured motorist by Maryland law. Seeking damages is then the same for any UIM (uninsured motorist claim). Your Maryland Personal Injury Attorney will issue a claim against your own insurance company. See my post on UIM Claim cases.

What steps should I take filing Maryland Personal Injury Claim?

Do what you would after any collision. (See my post on 6 Important Steps to Take Immediately After Your Car Accident) Call 911 but tell them that you were involved in a hit-and-run. Let emergency personnel and their dispatchers know as much as you can remember. Unless you are seriously injured, collect witness information and document the accident scene. Like any Maryland car accident, the more evidence you have, the faster your Personal Injury Claim will be settled.

The hit-and-run driver was from out-of-state. What now?

It doesn’t matter. Whether the driver is from around the block or the West Coast, you will still have the right to file a Maryland personal injury claim.

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