Maryland Traffic Attorney For Overtaking and Passing School Vehicle

In 2011, 4700 Maryland school bus drivers recorded roughly 7000 motorists passing them illegally in a single day. That’s like 7000 drivers blowing through stop signs in one day across the state. 3997 motorists passed from the front, traveling the other side of the road. 2665 passed from behind on the driver’s side. 366 passed from behind on the door side – the side students come out from. 1101 of these violations happened in Baltimore County alone.

Frederick County, Maryland began installing cameras on its school buses in 2012. These are stepped-up versions of a speed camera. Multiple photos are edited together creating a video of any car entering and exiting a bus safety zone.

Citations issued on photographic evidence are $125. This is less than citations issued by a police officer: $570 fine and 3 points.

Keep in mind drivers must remain stopped until that stop sign swings back and the warning lights go out. After waiting a few minutes with no one exiting the bus, it’s tempting to drive off – especially if you’re late. Failure to remain stopped can get you a $570 citation and points on your license. If an accident occurs, that’s $610 and 3 points on top of possible liability for any collision or injury.

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