Montgomery County Traffic Attorney For ICC Speeding Tickets

The ICC opened just over two years ago. Many drivers have felt the posted 55 mph speed limit was too low. In March, the MTA agreed. Limits on both sides of the ICC have now been increased to 60 mph. This is probably welcome news to many drivers who have received speeding tickets in the past two years on the ICC.

I have personally handled dozens of speeding tickets on the ICC and have always been suprised at the speed limit.  If you’ve ever driven on the ICC, you probably noticed the lack of traffic.  Therefore, its very tempting to zoom by well above the speed limit.

7000 tickets have been issued since February 2011.  200 of these were to drivers traveling between 55 and 65 mph. 16 tickets were issued to other drivers going 100 mph or more. One driver was cited for traveling 140 mph. That ticket was challenged but the driver was found guilty in court. About a half-dozen motorists were ticketed for going below 60.

The speed limit on the ICC will likely not go any higher. The MTA says the road was designed for 60. They took two years to determine that 60 was safe. It looks like Maryland drivers are stuck with 60 mph on the ICC whether they like it or not. There’s no reason to assume police are going to be any less eager now to hand out tickets.

Keep in mind, the ICC isn’t done yet. Final phases of construction linking the ICC to US 1 and collector lanes to I-95 are planned to finish in 2014. So don’t let the new limit fool you. Exceeding highway work zone speed limits in Maryland can mean a $290 fine and 1 point. The fine increases to $330 and 3 points if a collision occurs.

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