Maryland Traffic Violation Lawyer Explains Fines in Maryland Traffic Court

Fines in Maryland Traffic Fines

It’s important to know that there are options when it comes to paying a traffic citation fine.  Here are  your three option when it comes to handling your Maryland traffic ticket and paying your fines.

A. Plead guilty and pay the fine shown on your citation. Your fine should not exceed a maximum of $500. Keep in mind that this will go on your driving record and may give you points, which can increase your insurance premiums. Just paying the traffic fine is the same as pleading guilty to the offense.

B. Request a waiver hearing to plead “guilty with an explanation.” You must do this within 30 days of receiving your citation. With this option you can try to have the fine reduced, waived, or you may ask for probation instead of conviction. During the hearing, you must give your explanation to the judge (it’s not a trial so the officer who cited you will not be in attendance). The judge can lower your fine or keep it the same. Remember the judge may also increase the fine—up the maximum amount of $500. You may appeal the judge’s decision if found guilty, but there will be extra court costs to continuing fighting the citation.

C. Request a trial.  Make sure to request your trial within 30 days of receiving your citation. It could take several weeks for a trial to be scheduled. If it takes more than six weeks, contact the District Court of the county you were cited in. At the trial, the officer who cited you will testify and you will also present your case.  After the judge makes a decision, you have 30 days to appeal. There will be court costs when an appeal is filed.

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