Maryland Traffic Attorney For Provisional License Violations

The Maryland MVA keeps a very tight leash on “rookie” drivers.  Young Maryland drivers should be aware of all of the restrictions or else could face a long suspension of their Maryland driving privilege if convicted of any of these violation.  I have outlines the major restrictions below.

According to the Maryland MVA:

While you are driving with a provisional license and are less than 18 years of age, the following restrictions apply:

  • If you drive between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., you must be accompanied by a qualified supervising driver who is 21 years of age with at least 3 years driving experience unless you are driving:
    • To, from, or during employment;
    • To or from a school class or an official school activity;
    • To or from an organized volunteer program; or
    • To or from participation in an athletic event or related training session.
  • For the first 151 days (5 months) that you have the provisional license, you cannot transport passengers less than 18 years of age;
    • Unless accompanied by a qualified supervising driver; or
    • Unless all of the passengers are directly related family members (spouse, daughter/son, step-daughter/step-son, sister/brother, step-sister/step-brother) or other family members who live at the same address.
  • You cannot use any wireless communication device (including cell phone) except to make an emergency 911 call.
  • All of your passengers must wear proper restraints (e.g., seat belt).

Once you become 18 years of age, these restrictions no longer apply.

Charged with a Maryland traffic violation while holding a provisional license?  Call me at 301-563-9575 BEFORE you go to court or pay any fines.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic ticket lawyer and I’d be happy to help.