Maryland Traffic Attorney For Failure to Control Speed To Avoid Collision

Failure to Control Speed to Avoid Collision in Maryland

Being tied up in traffic is never fun, especially when you’re running late. Residents of Maryland and DC know how common this is on the Beltway. Getting ahead to make up for lost time causes many drivers to forget to check their speed. We’ve seen the results of rear-end collisions on the highway. Very often, drivers who rear end another driver are cited with a failure to control their speed to avoid an accident.

This is a basic rule of Maryland transportation law. Every driver in the state is required to adjust speed to keep from colliding with other drivers. This includes traveling the speed limit. If traffic makes the posted limit too fast for a driver to stop in time, drivers are required to slow down.

Keep in mind, if you are charged with this citation, it doesn’t mean that you were speeding.  It basically means that you allegedly caused an accident by not properly controlling your vehicle (even if you were going the speed limit).

A driver who is found guilty in Maryland of this offense can be fined up to $130 and receive 3 points.

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