Maryland Traffic Attorney Explains Obstructed Windshield Tickets

A “Windshield Obstruction” Can Costs You Fines and Points In Maryland

We all expect to get pulled over for the big stuff – speeding, texting – but not for those Mardi Gras beads hanging from your rearview mirror. Maryland is one of several states issuing tickets for windshield obstructions.

A windshield obstruction in Maryland is anything blocking a driver’s line of sight. This includes useful everyday items like a hanging parking pass. In fact, most people don’t realize that they can even be stopped for a hanging air freshener. It’s best to keep parking 1passes and air fresheners of this sort in your glove compartment. You can always pull them out when you need them.

Although a ticket for a windshield obstruction is not the most common Maryland traffic violation, I see them once in awhile.  Usually, its a pretext to stop a particular vehicle or investigate a particular driver.

In Maryland, an obstructed windshield can be a $70 fine and 1 point. The fine goes up to $110 and 3 points if an accident occurs.

 Technically, windshield obstructions include the EZ-Pass transponder and windshield mounted GPS devices. There are numerous ways to mount your GPS device on your dash. Sticking it to the windshield with a suction cup risks a ticket and a collision. At night, it also risks a break-in. Thieves look for that suction cup mark to know what gadgets you might have stowed in your glove compartment.

When mounting the EZ-Pass transponder, follow the guidelines set by the Maryland Transportation Authority.

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