Maryland Traffic Lawyer Discusses Driving With Headphones in Maryland

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Headphones In Maryland

With the onset of smart phones and new technology, Maryland police officers are on the lookout for distracted drivers. According to Maryland traffic law, it’s illegal for drivers to use earplugs, earphones, and headsets on highways and other public roads.

Exceptions To Driving With Headphones In Maryland

Exceptions to this law include people operating special equipment on the highway, people operating refuse collecting equipment wearing safety headsets or earplugs, people wearing custom plugs or molds that still allow for them to hear sirens and horns from emergency vehicles, and those wearing hearing aids. Other exceptions include emergency vehicle operators using headphones, headsets, or earplugs during an emergency for communication.

Unless you fit one of the exemptions, driving with headphones in Maryland carries one point on your traffic record and up to three points if it contributes to an accident.

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