Maryland DUI Defense Attorney Four Out-of-State Drivers

Maryland DUI For Out-Of-Staters

If you’re in Maryland on vacation you likely want to spend your time having fun and being carefree. Unfortunately, if you are arrested and charged with driving drunk your good time can end up causing havoc, with the consequences often following you back home.

Many people mistakenly believe that because an arrest occurs outside of their home state, they may not face consequences on their driving record when they head back home. That’s unfortunately not the case, as Maryland drunk driving charges carry consequences not only within Maryland, but also in your home state.

Trouble in Maryland

If you’ve been arrested and charged with either a DWI or DUI here in Maryland, you will be subjected to Maryland’s criminal justice system. You will be fined in Maryland and can even be sentenced to jail here. If you have driving privileges in the state, those too could be suspended. Everyone should understand that being a tourist does not exempt you from any of Maryland’s drunk driving laws.

Trouble back home

Most states in the country, including Maryland, participate in a national Driver License Agreement, something which often works to the advantage of drivers. This agreement means that states will honor the driver’s licenses issued by other states. The agreement also works against drivers in some cases, as it obligates participating states to report any traffic violations or convictions to the driver’s home state.

This means that the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will likely be forced to report your drunk driving conviction to the authorities in your home state, something that will likely lead to license suspension even though the crime took place out of state.

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