Maryland DUI Attorney Explains Right To Lawyer in DUI Case

Right To Speak With Attorney Prior To Chemical Test In Maryland

Most people understand that when a person faces criminal charges they have the right to an attorney. This right is guaranteed by both state and federal constitutions and offers protection to individuals who may not understand the law well enough to defend themselves.

What many people likely do not realize is that in most states there is no right to have an attorney present when you are being asked to take a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol concentration. Thankfully, Maryland is one of only a handful of states that do grant suspects the right to consult an attorney while taking a chemical test.

The law in Maryland says that once a person has been arrested by police, they have the constitutional right to consult a Maryland drunk driving attorney. The law says that as long as your Maryland DUI attorney is able to appear within two hours of your arrest, you are able to legally delay your chemical testing until the time that your attorney arrives.

The law does not help anyone avoid DUI convictions, but it does allow you to be fully informed before having to make an important and legally significant decision about submitting to a chemical test of your blood. So long as your consultation does not unnecessarily delay or prevent the testing process, officers are required to allow you to contact an attorney.

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