How Much Do Maryland Lawyers Charge For Speeding Tickets?

If you’ve never had to use an attorney, you probably have no idea what to expect when it comes to legal fees.  In Maryland, your legal fee depends on a number of specific factors. Some factors that Maryland attorneys consider when setting fees include: type of case, complexity of case, location of the case, and your prior record (if any).

With regards to a Maryland speeding ticket, you will also likely get a range of fees.  In my opinion, a reasonable fee for a “run of the mill” speeding ticket should range from $250-$500.  Of course, some lawyers charge less and some attorneys charge much more.  Some will find this to be a modest and reasonable fee.  Others will find this fee excessive.

However, when deciding whether or not its worth it to hire a Maryland traffic lawyer for your ticket, consider the following:

1.  For a minor traffic ticket, a Maryland lawyer can appear for you without you having to be present.  Is it worth it to you to take off a day of work?

2.  If you just pay the ticket or are convicted, how much will your insurance premiums go up? 

3.  Will the ticket impact your employment?

4.  If you have a legal defense, will you be capable of defending the Maryland traffic violation on your own?

5.  Do you know the judges, the court system, and the police officers personally?  Maryland traffic lawyers who are trusted and respected within the Maryland legal system have some leverage when it comes to getting you a great result.

6.  Does the violation carry points? If you get the points, will this impact your driving privileges in Maryland?

In the long run, handling your Maryland traffic ticket could cost you more if you handle it yourself.  Ultimately, whether or not to hire a lawyer for your Maryland traffic case is only a decision you can make.

Need help with a Maryland traffic violation?  Call me at 301-563-9575 BEFORE you pay the ticket or go to traffic court.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic violation lawyer and would be happy to help.