Learn How A Frederick County, Maryland Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

Frederick County, Maryland Speeding Defense

The speed limit laws in Maryland are what are known as “absolute” limits. Absolute limits are straightforward and exist when the posted limit is the highest maximum speed allowed by law. That means if the speed limit posted is 35 miles per hour and you are found going 36 miles per hour, you have violated the law.

In an absolute speed limit state like Maryland there are somewhat limited defenses to speeding tickets. The first is to challenge the officer’s identification of your car. You can explain to a judge that you were not speeding at the time and that the officer mistook your car for a similar one that was near you and had been speeding. Cars look familiar, especially at night, and it is possible that officers clocked a different car before pulling you over.

Another possible defense to a Maryland speeding ticket is to contest the speed at which the officer said you were traveling. To do this, Maryland traffic defense lawyers will first need to figure out the equipment used to determine your speed (laser, radar, pacing, etc.) and then either attack the method or the officer’s failure to follow proper procedure.

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