Maryland Traffic Violation Attorney For Truck Drivers

Failure To Obey A Traffic Control Device in Maryland

A common ticket for truckers in Maryland involves failure to obey lane markings. This often refers to truckers who are cited for driving in the wrong lane.

Traffic signals, signs and pavement markings apply to drivers of all vehicles, whether they are passenger cars or commercial trucks. The law in Maryland says that these signs and markings are the primary way that traffic is guided and regulated on roadways in the state and it is thus crucial that they be followed. Failure to obey a traffic control device or lane marking is a common Maryland traffic violation.  This is particularly true for Maryland drivers who hold a commercial license.

One commonly ticketed example of failure to obey pavement concerns left lane restrictions. In Maryland, as in many other states, there are restrictions regarding the lanes that trucks are allowed to occupy. Specifically, trucks are not allowed to drive in the far left lane when there are at least three travel lanes of traffic. The reason this restriction exists is to ensure that trucks do not ride next to one another and block all lanes of traffic, denying other drivers the chance to pass by.

Drivers found in the left lane or violating other pavement markings can be stopped and ticketed. One of the only exceptions to a pavement marking violation is if it is an emergency situation and directions from a police officer or other emergency personnel take priority.

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