Learn How A Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help With Weight Violations

In Maryland, all trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds are required to stop at weigh stations located on interstates around the state. The problem is that either due to bad traffic, tight deadlines or simple absentmindedness, sometimes truckers can blow pass a weigh station without stopping. So what can happen if you pass a scale without bothering to stop?

The law in Maryland is clear that all vehicles with a gross weight of greater than 10,000 pounds must stop at weigh stations. This also applies to vehicles like U-Hauls, even when they are carrying personal items. However, only commercial vehicles are subject to additional safety inspections.

The reasons the weigh station stops are required is to ensure that trucks are not overweight, a problem that can lead to dangerous accidents. Safety inspections are also performed that ensure drivers have not exceeded their hours of service limits and that the truck is properly loaded and maintained.

When a trucker misses a weigh station, Maryland State Police can and do pull those truckers over and they can receive a citation for potentially thousands of dollars. In many cases, the trucks will then be required to return to the weigh station and undergo a thorough safety check. These checks may turn up violations and if the violations are bad enough could even land a truck out of service.

In other cases, truckers are simply issued warnings and allowed to go on their way. Whether you will be given a warning or instead subjected to a lengthy safety inspection depends on the particular facts of your case and the mood of the officer that pulled you over.

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