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What Is A “Failure To Obey Properly Placed Traffic Control Device” Ticket In Maryland?

Though many people think of traffic tickets as those relating to speeding, the sad fact is that drivers in Maryland can get pulled over for a variety of infractions. One common source of such tickets is for failing to obey a properly placed traffic control device.

What’s a traffic control device?

First things first, traffic control devices refer to any signs, signals, pavement markings or any other legally installed device by a local authority meant to control traffic. Examples include traffic signals, no left turn signs, no right turn on red signs and even the lines down the road.

What are some examples of failure to obey traffic control device tickets?

One common example is when drivers are found making left or right turns where signs clearly state such turns are not allowed. In other cases, failure to obey traffic control device tickets can be issued when people pass in no-passing zones, continually drift over the lines of their lane, drive down one-way streets, run red lights or stop signs, and many other things.

How many points?

Beyond a traffic ticket and fines, drivers in Maryland who are charged with failure to obey a properly placed traffic control device will also receive points on their license if convicted. Under Maryland law, anyone found guilty will receive one point on his or her license. However, if the failure to obey traffic control device contributed to an accident, then the points will be increased to three.

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