Maryland Provisional Driver’s License: Convictions

Maryland traffic citatons are treated differently with regards to a Maryland provisional license. In Maryland, if you have a provisional driver’s license and receive a PBJ (probation before judgment), the Maryland MVA will consider that a conviction. If you have a “full” driver’s license, however, a PBJ is not considered a conviction for purposes of the Maryland MVA.

If you have a Maryland provisional license, it is important to consult with a Maryland traffic ticket lawyer before you either pay the ticket or plead guilty to the offense. If you have a Maryland provisional license, the administrative consequences for a traffic “conviction” are as follows:

1st Conviction: Driver Improvement Program
2nd Conviction: 30 day suspension
3rd or subsequent conviction: 180 day suspension or revocation

Although the consequences for receiving a conviction are great, they are not set in stone. The MVA has discretion and is not required to invoke the above mentioned administrative sanctions. If you are facing a suspension or revocation of your Maryland provisional driver’s license, you can promptly request a hearing. A Maryland traffic offense attorney can help you keep your license.

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