Driving on Expired License in Maryland

If you have a Maryland license and it has expired, the police officer will often charge you with both driving on an expired license AND driving without a license. I see this on a daily basis. If your license is expired and its been less than a year since it has expired, you are eligible to fix the problem without starting over and taking the driving test again. This should be no big deal. If, however, it has been over a year and you failed to renew the license, you will have to start over again. Here’s an excerpt from the Maryland MVA website, which will tell you what you need to do to renew your Maryland driver’s license:

Your expiring Driver’s License and the fee.

You must pass a vision screening or submit a Vision Screening form.
You will be required to provide proof of a social security number (SSN) that can be verified by the Social Security Administration, or proof of ineligibility for an SSN. If you held a valid Maryland driver’s license, permit or identification card prior to April 19, 2009, you may be eligible for a subsequent license, permit, or identification card without proof of lawful presence or SSN, but it will not be acceptable for official federal purposes.License may be renewed without additional tests up to one year after expiration.Driving with an expired license is against the law.

In Maryland, driving with an expired license is a fine only and carries no points. Driving without a license carries up to 60 days in jail. If you’ve been charged with driving on an expired license and/or driving without a license in Maryland, its important to hire an experienced Maryland traffic attorney to help you with the case. In many cases, Maryland police officer who routinely go to Maryland traffic court, do not always know the law or the proper citations to write. A Maryland traffic attorney can help you keep your fines low and the points off your record.

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