Driving on a Suspended License in Maryland, Part 2 (16-303 h)

There are a number of reasons why the Maryland MVA will suspend your license. The most common reasons are the following: non-payment of a traffic fine, an insurance lapse, or failing to appear for a Maryland traffic ticket court date.

On a weekly basis, I meet with clients who are stunned to find out that they had missed a court date, their license is suspended, and now they are facing a jailable traffic ticket. Many times, the State’s attorney will charge a Defendant with a of 16-303 (c) violation, which is a more serious offense than the 16-303(h) violation. The 16-303 (c) violation carries a maxium penalty of one-year. Needless to say, this is a scary scenario to be in for simply missing a court date or not paying a fine. If the reason for the suspension is one of the reasons listed above, however, it is an improper charge and should be amended to the 16-303(h) violation.

Of course, the good news is that if your license is suspended for the reasons discussed, it is very easy to fix. In my view, these laws are mostly designed to get people to pay their tickets!

If you are facing a serious traffic charge in Maryland, it always important to contact an experienced Maryland traffic violation attorney. A Maryland traffic lawyer can help you in ways that you may not realize. They may even be able to get the charges dropped.

I have personally handled thousands of these cases. I am a Maryland criminal lawyer and a Maryland traffic lawyer with offices in both Silver Spring, Maryland and Greenbelt, Maryland. I practice all over the State, including Baltimore City. If you need help, call me. I’d be happy to speak to you.