I was charged with driving uninsured in Maryland, but I had insurance…

If you cancel your insurance or it lapses in Maryland, the insurance company will notify the Maryland MVA. Until you have fixed the problem, the MVA will show in their system that you do not have insurance. Once you get new insurance or you fix the lapse, the problem is solved, right? Maybe.

Unfortunately, if you fix the problem and begin driving, the MVA may not update their system in time. Also, your insurance company may not have been timely in sending over the information.

In either case, if you will get pulled over in Maryland, you will get charged with driving an uninsured vehicle. Unfortunately, this is a common situation. I have handled numerous cases in which my clients had valid insurance when they were pulled over, but the officer’s attitude was “tell it to the judge.”

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you verify that the MVA knows that your car is properly insured and be sure to have an updated insurance card.

If you’ve been charged with driving an uninsured vehicle in Maryland, I can help. I am an experienced Maryland traffic violation lawyer. I have offices in both Silver Spring, Maryland and Greenbelt, Maryland. I practice Maryland traffic law all over the State and appear in Maryland traffic court on a regular basis.