Driving With An International License in Maryland

Generally speaking, if you are NOT a Maryland resident and you have a valid international license from your country of origin, its OK to drive with that license. Unfortunately, individuals with a valid international license who drive in Maryland often get charged with driving without a license. Driving without a license is a serious Maryland traffic offense, which carries jail time. I see these Maryland traffic cases all the time. I believe police officers simply don’t know that its permissible to drive with these licenses, they don’t believe the licenses are authentic, OR they belive that the individual is actually a resident of Maryland. If you are a resident of Maryland, the law is not clear on how long you have to obtain a Maryland license. If you have an out of state (not out of the country license) and you become a resident of Maryland, you have 60 days to obtain a Maryland license.

The issue in these cases is whether or not the person is a resident of Maryland and/or whether or no the State of Maryland can prove that you are a resident of Maryland. Just becuase you have a Maryland address does not mean you are a resident. For example, you may be visiting family and staying with your uncle so this is the address you give the police officer.

In either case, there is lots of confusion in Maryland regarding international driver’s licenses. Its best to hire an experience Maryland traffic attorney to help you with these issues. I have literally handled thousands of Maryland traffic cases and would be happy to assist you. I am a very experienced Maryland traffic lawyer. If you need help, please call. I’m here for you!