Will I Get ALL The Points in Maryland?

If you’re charged with a number of traffic tickets in Maryland, you won’t get ALL of the points. Let me explain. Under Maryland law, if you’re convicted of each and every offense for which you are charged, you are only given the points from the most serious offense. For example, let’s say you are charged with speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and going through a stop sign. Let’s also say that you either pay all of these tickets prior to court (bad idea) or that the judge convicts you of everything at trial. In Maryland, you can only get 6 points. Reckless driving carries 6 points and that is the most you can get from this case, assuming that all of the tickets arose out of the same transaction and occurrence.

If you are facing a traffic ticket in Maryland, an experienced Maryland traffic violation attorney can help keep your record clean, keep the points off your record, and help keep your insurance premiums down. I am an aggressive and experienced Maryland traffic lawyer who has handled thousands of Maryland traffic cases. I am in Maryland traffic court on most days. Please call me for a free consultation and some peace of mind. I’m here for you.